This Rice Paddy Art Is Absolutely Amazing

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Believe it or not, these awesome pieces of art actually come from seven different colors of rice. Rice paddy art transforms entire landscapes into incredible “paintings” that have tourists flocking to Inakadate, Japan, a village famous for its rice. The vice mayor, Yukio Kasai, said of the attractions, "I don't think people can really understand rice paddy art without seeing it.”

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According to anyone who’s witnessed the stunning creations in real life, pictures and video can’t possibly do them justice. As difficult as it might be for viewers who can’t be there in person to imagine the power of the spectacle, at least there are still ways to see the art, even if it is just images online.

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Seeing as the village was already known for its rice, it makes sense that they would capitalize on their pre-existing fame in order to bring in more visitors. And it’s definitely working. Interestingly enough, this all started at local elementary schools where children made similar creations by planting rice by hand.

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Once the method caught on, village officials starting meeting annually to choose what designs will be created in the upcoming year. They then draw out miniature versions of the works and use them to mark the fields in order to know where to grow the specific colors.

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Over a thousand people help to physically plant the rice, by hand, and the images are visible within a few months. The practice has come a long way since the first rice paddy murals were made. They went from simple illustrations to unbelievably intricate pieces of art. Check out the video below to see a quick documentary about this beautiful art form…