Traffic Stopped By Shirtless Man On Freeway Sign

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Los Angeles, California has some of the worst traffic jams ever. This week, thanks to a barely-dressed man who climbed the exit sign for southbound 6th Street, Wilshire Boulevard and downtown 4th street offramps, LA driving got even worse.

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Wearing no more than boxer shorts, the man hung protest banners over the 110 Freeway and started vaping, dancing, and using a bullhorn. In what has been revealed to be some sort of publicity stunt, traffic jams crippled the downtown area as authorities attempted to get the man down. He’s been identified as Alexander Dunn, a 29-year-old aspiring rap artist who performs under the stage name Dephree, and booked on suspicion of delaying a police officer, trespassing on state property and failure to obey a regulatory sign.

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Calls started flooding into the California Highway Patrol around 8 a.m. to report the man, who many thought could’ve potentially been suicidal. Eventually they realized he was actually making a statement with signs that read “FIGHT POLLUTION NOT EACH OTHER” and “GIVE A HOOT, DON’T POLLUTE” and another displaying his stage name in a graffiti-style tag. All of the southbound lanes on the 110 were closed within an hour or so of the reports.

Twitter - @MikeBalsamo1

The incident was over by 10 a.m. when the man was finally convinced by police officers and firefighters, who had placed two giant inflatable mattresses under the sign, to get down. After the authorities used ladders to reach the man, he instead chose to do a backflip off the very top of the sign, following a few taunting poses. While he appears to be unharmed, he was still placed on a gurney and removed from the scene. Check out the final moments of the strange event below...