Update Your Man Cave with These 2016 Additions

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Man caves have a lot of variety, and 2016 has given the modern male a lot to work with. Whether it’s a theater or home office, a garage or a carport, a ton of options exist to covert previous space into something awesome.

If you’ve already got the pool table, the computer, the surround sound system and the huge couch, keep your eyes open. Below, we cover the best man cave updates currently available, taken from today’s leading trends.

Update One: The Projector


Due away with the age-old big television. If you’re a millennial, you deserve something portable. If you’re not, you should still check out some of the leading projectors available. Projectors are one of the newest trends sweeping the nation, and for good reason: They’ve become incredibly clear, quick and adaptable. Now, you can hook up your projector via Bluetooth, or connect via HDMI, and watch Netflix. Best of all, you can adjust the screen size based upon location. You might be hunkering down in the man cave, but who doesn’t love a little portability?

Update Two: The Rock Wall

No, not cobblestone. Rock climbing has picked up recently, and several men are creating their own interior rock walls for bro climbing sessions. Don’t worry: You don’t need good weather to climb, and rock walls are surprisingly easy to maintain. Instead of waiting for the rock gym to open—or even waiting for an outdoor road trip, consider installing a 12-foot high wall with alterable rocks. Keep the paths fresh, the guests entertained and the practice flowing. Why wait for someone else to do it?

Update Three: The Pool Table


Today’s man caves are getting classier, and pool tables have become go-to inclusions for sporty men seeking some chill time. Bronze billiard shades, an illuminated gold-colored pool table and some grass-cloth wallpaper is all you need to heighten your interior sports bar to luxury standards. Consider adding in a cork tile floor to ease the feet, too, as it’s becoming a trend for professional and household bar areas alike.

Update Four: The Keg Chairs

With the rise of craft brewing, keg-based bar accessories have skyrocketed in popularity. By crafting simple stool tops fashioned to screw atop kegs, you can consolidate space while letting your guests know you’re stocked on beer.

Don’t worry, because you’ll still be able to tap them. Because craft breweries are constantly swapping out kegs, you won’t be left without sitting room, either. Simply wait until a “seat” is tapped, take it to the bar, fill it and bring it back home.

Update Five: Dark-Stained Bookshelves

Today’s man caves are getting smarter, and guys are outfitting their entertainment areas with bookshelves to keep their study game sharp. By giving your man cave a library feel, you can assure your guests will know how sophisticated your home entertainment area is.

Even better: Situate the book cases around your main entertainment consoles and video game area. Use it as a double-feature book-and-game storage space.

Update Six: The Backyard Beer Garden


Today’s man caves aren’t necessarily inside. All-new home and beer gardens are popping up, and they’re pretty amazing. By converting sheds into pop-up shops, men are making DIY shed-bars capable of servicing the lawn and the neighbors. You can get creative with a backyard beer garden, as a variety of options exist to outfit your shed area into a wet area. Consider doing away with the top half of one wall, and make it a fold-down addition. With a few stools, a cooler and some drinks, you can create an entire yard area built to serve the masses.

When making your own man cave, it’s important to preserve creativity. Today’s leading man caves are trending because they’re unique. Man caves evolve, and they evolve quickly. Whether you’re an old-fashioned billiard lover or a tech junkie looking for smart home solutions, you’ll have a lot to work with by going with the grain. Check out your local hardware store, make a budget and get your options in order.

Then, find out what’s popular, find a way to install it and create enough space for visitors. An age old parable certainly holds true in today’s man caves: If you build it, they will come.