Whole Foods Is Raising Its Prices

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Whole Foods, the upscale grocery chain commonly referred to as "Whole Paycheck," is set to raise its prices. The move comes as a surprise to some, after the chain was acquired by Amazon.


The Wall Street Journal caught wind of an internal email that was penned in December, which says that Whole Foods prices were to be raised to cope with inflation. 

Price hikes have occurred for over 550 products carried at Whole Foods. The WSJ calculates an average price increase of $0.66 per product. A significant increase, when spread over multiple items.

The New York Times

When Amazon acquired Whole Foods in 2017, it was with the ostensible premise that they would make the chain more price friendly for the general public. It appeared to be happening, with Whole Foods cutting prices and opening a handful of smaller stores stocked with its generic lines. That plan has been scrapped.

Business Insider

It appears that despite overtures of change, Whole Foods is even more Whole Foods now than it was before Amazon bought it. 

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