Why Is There An Alien Gargoyle On This Old Church?

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When you look at this, you probably see the xenomorph from the Alien horror movie franchise. The gargoyle was spotted attached to Paisley Abbey, a 12th century monastery in Scotland. How is this possible?

The internet caught wind of the gargoyle and it went viral. Was this evidence of ancient aliens? Was Alien a documentary?

After some lengthy investigation, an answer was found.


Reverend Alan Birss, the Abbey's minister, told the BBC that it was probably added onto the Abbey in the nineties. In the early 1990s, the Abbey redid twelve of its thirteen original gargoyles. The mason responsible for this one, name unknown, must have been a fan of the movies. 

"Perhaps the alien from the film was his idea of an alien. I'm sure he wasn't deliberately copying the alien in the film. It was just [his] concept of an alien."

Seems to us like he copied the alien from the movie.

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