Will Ken Bone Be The Most Memorable Component of The Super Bowl?

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The man who stole our hearts during the second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is back! Enter, Ken Bone. And now he wants to enter our living rooms for the most watched television day of the year, the Super Bowl.


Bone cavalierly tweeted this hint towards the possibility of appearing on a Mountain Dew commercial during Super Bowl 51. Will it come true? Well, Mountain Dew has yet to respond. Could this be an example of an inexperienced celebrity violating his NDA? Yes. Bone, a small town Illinois native, has somewhat disappeared from the public eye since his night of fame back in October. It's partially due to a Reddit Ask-Me-Anything event that went horribly wrong. Ken accidentally slipped up and used an old account that divulged his pornography interests. But even that worked to further humanize the Bone-ster.

Ken has managed to land a score of sponsorship deals, including with Uber and Izod (his red Izod sweater sold out the day after his debate appearance). Who's to say he won't be in a Mountain Dew Super Bowl ad? After the brand's successful ad during last year's game, they are looking to either repeat or improve their work this time around.

By the way, the biggest casualty in all this Ken Bone hysteria has to be Gonzaga assistant men's basketball coach, also named Ken Bone. But it is what it is. Will the real Ken Bone please stand up?


If Ken Bone really is featured on a Mountain Dew Super Bowl ad, what will it be about? AdWeek surmises it will have something to with his debate question about energy, "possibly an ideal tie-in for the ultracaffeinated soft drink."

To be fair, Bone's message seems more like a plea to Mountain Dew rather than a sign that's he's definitively going to advertise on their behalf. In other words, there's been no word yet as to whether they will make Ken Bone into a dog/monkey like last year's character.

As we transition into the 2017 year of advertising, we will see if Mr. Bone is able to make a mark one way or another. Like the Chewbacca mom, he will probably fade into that viral celebrity hospice over the horizon. Hopefully he doesn't forget to bring along his comfy, red sweater. Something tells us he won't.